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Question 1: In the bootmakers' trade, a "galosh" is the piece of ________, of a make stronger than, or different from that of the "uppers", which runs around the bottom part of a boot or shoe, just above the sole.
Leather skirtButtonLeatherWool

Question 2: ________ of rubber tempered its properties so that it was easily molded, durable, and tough.
OlmecCross-linkNatural rubberVulcanization

Question 3: He patented cloth overshoes reinforced with ________ to keep the feet dry.
LatexPolymerNatural rubberEngland

Question 4: The word Galoshes might be used interchangeably with ________, especially a rubberized boot.
ShoeBootAthletic shoePump (shoe)

Question 5: ________ were overshoes with tall, shaped wooden bases and mules or slippers into which one could slip their indoor shoes.
GaloshesClog (shoe)Patten (shoe)Sandal

Question 6: The qualities of ________, though fascinating to Goodyear, were highly dependent on temperature, tacky when hot, brittle when cold.
EnglandNatural rubberPolymerLatex

Question 7: When the Romans conquered Gaul (________), they borrowed the Gaulish boot style.
FranceItalyCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: ________, school children know the black rubber, over-the-shoe boot as "four-buckle arctics".
Midwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesSouthern United StatesWestern United States

Question 9: In ________, galoshes have been an indispensable attribute of valenki.
MoscowRussiaUnited StatesRussian culture

Question 10: While reading ________ by Julius Caesar he noticed a description of protective cloth overshoes "gallicae" and decided to capitalize on the idea.
Commentarii de Bello GallicoRoman RepublicRoman NavyRoman infantry tactics

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