Gallipoli Campaign: Quiz

Question 1: Russia in turn claimed that the Turks had attacked two of their hospital ships, Portugal and Vperiod, and the Ottoman Government responded that the vessels had been the victims of ________.
SubmarineNaval mineTorpedoBattleship

Question 2: The crisis that followed forced the Prime Minister, ________ to end his single-party Liberal Government and form a Coalition Government with the Conservative Party.
James CallaghanWinston ChurchillRobert PeelH. H. Asquith

Question 3: By the end of the ________ on 4 June, all thought of a decisive breakthrough was gone and the plans for battle had reverted to trench warfare with objectives being measured in hundreds of metres.
Third Battle of KrithiaLanding at Cape HellesGallipoli CampaignLanding at Suvla Bay

Question 4:
How many casualties were there in the Gallipoli Campaign?
253,000 60% Casualty rate
8 wounded

Question 5: Asquith was partly blamed for Gallipoli and other disasters, and was overthrown in December 1916 when ________ successfully split the Liberal Party in two.
Stanley BaldwinBonar LawWinston ChurchillDavid Lloyd George

Question 6:
Where did Gallipoli Campaign take place?
Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey
Near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
North of Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands

Question 7: [30] In addition to these casualties, many soldiers became sick due to the unsanitary conditions, especially from enteric fever, dysentery and ________.
VomitingTraveler's diarrheaGastroenteritisDiarrhea

Question 8: The ________ was blocked by Germany's formidable Kaiserliche Marine.
Arctic OceanBlack SeaBaltic SeaNorth Sea

Question 9:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Gallipoli Campaign?
Germany nn* German New Guinea
9th Army Germany
Albania under Germany

Question 10: In early 1915, Australian and New Zealand volunteer soldiers were encamped in ________, undergoing training prior to being sent to France.

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