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Gallienus: Quiz


Question 1: Traveling to ________ in Greece, he had himself initiated into the mystery-cult of Eleusis[48] and encouraged others to do the same.
AthensAegean SeaAtticaCorinth

Question 2: In the years 267-269, Goths and other barbarians invaded ________ in great numbers.
EuropeWestern EuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 3: Romans defeated the barbarians on sea at first, then a battle in ________ was won by Gallienus army and the emperor kept pursuing the invaders.
GreeceRoman EmpireThraciansThrace

Question 4: This reform arguably created a precedent for the future emperors Diocletian and ________.
MaxentiusConstantine IMaximianJulian the Apostate

Question 5: [citation needed] For this he is well spoken of in Eusebius' Historia Ecclesiastica, just as he is not as fondly recalled for losing Gaul in Eutropius' ________.
MatinsBreviaryCanonical hoursVespers

Question 6: [20] On their retreat through the northern Italy, they were intercepted by the Gallienus' army near present day ________ and defeated in the battle of Mediolanum.
Corbetta, ItalyParabiagoMilanRome

Question 7: After some success against the Sarmatians, his revolt was put down by the invasion of Roxolani into ________ and Regalianus himself was killed when the invaders took the important city of Sirmium.
PannoniaDacia (Roman province)Roman BritainUpper Pannonia

Question 8: While spending most of his time in the provinces of Rhine area (Germania Inferior, Germania Superior, Raetia, Noricum), it is almost certain that, during 253 to 258, Gallienus visited ________ area and Illyricum.

Question 9: The latter received the title of dux Romanorum and besieged the usurpers who were based at ________.

Question 10: That army consisted of local troops (probably ________) and the strongest of the civilian population.
AugustusPraetorian prefectPraetorian GuardRoman Empire


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