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Gallicanism: Quiz


Question 1: He could not issue dispensations to the prejudice of the laudable customs and statutes of the ________ Churches.
Catholic ChurchPrimate (religion)BishopCathedral

Question 2: The doctrine originated in ________ (the term derives from "Gaul").
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 3: When the ________ opened, in 1869, it had in France only timid defenders.
Second Vatican CouncilCatholic ChurchFirst Vatican CouncilEcumenical council

Question 4: It was to the "Gallican" bishops that Pope Damasus addressed the most ancient ________ which has been preserved to our times (Babut 1904).
ExtravagantesDecretalPope Benedict XICorpus Juris Canonici

Question 5: These opinions were in opposition to the ideas which were called ultramontane, which means "across the mountains" (the ________).
GeographyJura MountainsHimalayasAlps

Question 6: But its diffusion was sharply arrested by the ________, which took away its chief support by overturning the thrones of kings.
French RevolutionFrench DirectoryNational Constituent AssemblyNational Convention

Question 7: Ultramontanism affirmed the authority of the Pope over the temporal kingdoms of the rest of ________, particularly emphasizing a supreme episcopate for the Bishop of Rome holding universal immediate jurisdiction.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 8: The authority in things spiritual belongs to the ________ and the successors of St.
PopeCatholic ChurchSt. Peter's BasilicaHoly See

Question 9: The ________ had the right to assemble councils in their dominions, and to make laws and regulations touching ecclesiastical matters.
House of OrléansList of French monarchsHouse of CapetNapoleon I

Question 10: It was thus that the latter could lawfully stretch their powers in ________ matters beyond the normal limits.
Christian theologyBiblical canonEcclesiologyChristology


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