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Question 1:
When was the Gallic Wars?
Aug. August 1974 u2013 July 1995
August u2013 December 1937
58 u2013 51 BC
July 1778 u2013 May 1779

Question 2:
Who was a commander in the Gallic Wars?
Titus Veturius Calvinus
Titus Labienus,
Titus Labienus u2020,
Titus Didius,

Question 3:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Gallic Wars?

Question 4:
Where did Gallic Wars take place?
Altimarlech near Wick, Highland, Scotland
Bismarck Sea, in the vicinity of Lae
Gaul, Germania and Britannia

Question 5:
How many casualties were there in the Gallic Wars?
20 000 - 21 000 dead
1 million enslaved,
214 wounded
13 missing

Question 6: Claude Cueni wrote a semi-historical novel "The Caesar's Druid" about a fictional Celtic ________, servant of Caesar and recorder of Caesar's campaigns.
CeltsDruidCeltic mythologyCeltic polytheism

Question 7: The primary historical source for the Gallic Wars is Caesar's ________ in Latin, which is one of the best surviving examples of unadorned Latin prose.
Roman NavyCommentarii de Bello GallicoRoman infantry tacticsRoman Republic

Question 8: Under his direct command Caesar had initially four ________ legions: Legio VII, Legio VIII, Legio IX Hispana, and Legio X.
United StatesVeteranKorean WarGreat Depression

Question 9: At the head of these five legions, he went the quickest way through the Alps, crossing territories of several hostile tribes and fighting several ________ en route.
SiegeMilitary strategyMilitary historyBattle

Question 10: However, being a member of the First Triumvirate – the political alliance composed of himself, ________, and Pompey – he had secured for himself the governorship of two provinces, Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum.
Julius CaesarCiceroMarcus Licinius CrassusLucius Cornelius Sulla


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