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Question 1: 2005-2009 - Emilio Pérez Touriño (PSdeG-________)
United Left (Spain)Spanish Socialist Workers' PartyBasque Nationalist PartyPeople's Party (Spain)

Question 2: They were capable fighters; Strabo described them as the most difficult foes the Romans encountered in conquering ________.
HispaniaHispania TarraconensisGallaeciaLusitania

Question 3: Galicia has 262 inventoried species of vertebrates, including 12 species of freshwater fish, 15 ________, 24 reptiles, 152 birds and 59 mammals.

Question 4: In 1072, it was forcibly reannexed by Garcia's brother ________, and from that time Galicia remained part of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon, although under varying degrees of self-government.
Alfonso VI of León and CastileSancho III of NavarreEl CidAl-Andalus

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Galicia (Spain)?
Barry W. Dixon
Milton Duck Leon Vergara
Alberto Nu00FAu00F1ez Feiju00F3o
Regina Paz Lopez

Question 6: Siniestro Total: one of the most well-known punk bands to ever appear in ________

Question 7: The Academy considers them separate languages but the minority "reintegrationist" position holds that they are dialects of a single language, much as ________ differs from Iberian Portuguese.
Brazilian PortuguesePortuguese languagePortuguese dialectsAngolan Portuguese

Question 8: The liberal General Miguel Solís Cuetos led a regionalist/independentist coup attempt in 1846 against the ________ regime of Ramón María Narváez.

Question 9: Reflecting that history, the Community Fisheries Control Agency, which coordinates fishing controls in ________ waters is based in Vigo.
European ParliamentDenmarkGermanyEuropean Union

Question 10:
What is the total population of Galicia (Spain)?

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