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Galaga '88: Quiz


Question 1: The arcade version is also on Namco Museum Virtual Arcade for ________.
Xbox 360 hardwareXbox 360 launchXbox LiveXbox 360

Question 2: Galaga '88 (ギャラガ'88 Gyaraga Hachigatsu ?) is a ________ fixed shooter arcade game by Namco.

Question 3: As in the original Galaga, Anti-Galaga Self-Defense Force weapons occasionally stop mid-dive and attempt to capture the player's ship with a ________.
Science fictionSector GeneralCombine (Half-Life)Tractor beam

Question 4: It is the third sequel of Galaxian (following ________ and Gaplus).
Pac-ManGalaga '88Namco MuseumGalaga

Question 5: It was also ported to the ________ as Galaga '91 in Japan and Galaga 2 in Europe.
VMUSega NomadNintendo DSiSega Game Gear

Question 6: In 2005, the arcade version of Galaga '88 finally arrived on home systems as part of the Namco Museum 50th Anniversary compilation for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, ________ and PC platforms.
Nintendo GameCubeWiiSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64

Question 7: Galaga '88 was ported to the NEC ________ (also known as the TurboGrafx-16), but was released outside of Japan as Galaga '90.
TurboGrafx-16Mega DriveSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemMega-CD


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