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Galactus: Quiz


Question 1: The limited series ________ focuses on the (Earth-2149) universe, which is infected by a virus that turns sentient beings into flesh-eating zombies.
Marvel Zombies: Dead DaysBlack Panther (comics)Marvel ZombiesMan-Thing

Question 2:

Question 3:
When did Galactus make his debut?
Justice League of America #235 February
Uncanny X-Men #99 , Uncanny X-Men #285, February 1992
Daredevil #157
Fantastic Four #48

Question 4: Simonson had originally conceived of the ________ to take place in third volume of the Silver Surfer, but the title was canceled due to dwindling sales.
Serial (radio and television)Story arcSoap operaLost (TV series)

Question 5:
What powers does Galactus have?
Empathic senses and psychic healing, aura vision
Possessor of the Power Cosmic
Omnilingualism .
Energy blasts

Question 6: The Surfer draws Aegis and Tenebrous into the barrier between the universe and the ________, which destroys them.
Doom 2099Negative ZoneStan LeeFantastic Four 2099

Question 7: [9] Galactus reappeared in a ________ cameo in Daredevil #37 (Feb.
Unreliable narratorBuffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)One Thousand and One NightsFlashback

Question 8: The Surfer arrives on the top of the Fantastic Four's headquarters, the ________, and alerts Galactus.
Four Freedoms PlazaStan LeeBaxter BuildingNamor

Question 9: Galactus becomes integral to the plans of the villain ________, who instigates a war against the universe.
Silver SurferJack KirbyStan LeeAnnihilus

Question 10: When confronted by Mister Fantastic - wielding the Nullifier - and a rebellious Silver Surfer, who has been touched by the humanity of ________ (the Thing's girlfriend), Galactus retreats.
Stan LeeAlicia MastersHeroes RebornFantastic Four

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