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Question 1: Chronic systemic exposure of mice, rats, and Drosophila to D-galactose causes the acceleration of ________ and has been used as an aging model.

Question 2: There are some ongoing studies that suggest that galactose may have a role in treatment of ________ (a kidney disease resulting in kidney failure and proteinuria).
Liddle's syndromeBartter syndromeNephrotic syndromeFocal segmental glomerulosclerosis

Question 3: Galactose and glucose are produced by ________ of lactose by β-galactosidase.

Question 4: It is found in dairy products, ________, and other gums and mucilages.
PotatoSugarcaneSugar beetMaize

Question 5: This enzyme is produced by the lac operon in ________ (E. coli).
Pathogenic bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosaEscherichia coliHelicobacter pylori

Question 6: Galactose is a component of the antigens present on blood cells that determine blood type within the ________.
Duffy antigen systemKell antigen systemCoombs testABO blood group system

Question 7: When combined with ________, through a dehydration reaction, the result is the disaccharide lactose.

Question 8: In the human body, glucose is changed into galactose via hexoneogenesis in order to enable the ________ to secrete lactose.
Lactiferous ductBreastNippleMammary gland

Question 9: It is found in hemicellulose and can be converted to galactose by ________.
CarbohydrateHydrolysisAcetic acidAcid

Question 10: [4] Two studies have suggested a possible link between galactose in milk and ________.
Ovarian cancerCervical cancerFallopian tube cancerEndometrial cancer

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