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Galactic Republic: Quiz


Question 1: By the time of ________, the Republic had grown unbearably corrupt.
Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceStar WarsStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Question 2: After a series of weak and ineffectual Chancellors and a crisis involving the invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation over a ________ passed in the Senate, the time came for strong leadership to end the corruption.
Tax, tariff and tradeTariffFordney–McCumber TariffExcess profits tax

Question 3: The Jedi with the most authority serve on the Jedi Council, among whom Yoda and ________ acted as de-facto leaders at the height of the Republic.
Mace WinduObi-Wan KenobiPadmé AmidalaPalpatine

Question 4: There were a wide variety of different local governments along the political spectrum: from ________ to Republics to Hive-like communes.
MonarchyConstitutional monarchyCrown jewelsCoronation

Question 5: ________ were common with special interests defining the legislative agenda.
Presidential systemCoalition governmentPolitical partyParliamentary system

Question 6: The Senate granted Palpatine ________ to deal with the Separatist Confederacy in a motion introduced by Representative Jar Jar Binks.
SyriaPhilippinesUnited StatesState of emergency

Question 7: In the ensuing years, the Senate increasingly granted enormous amounts of power to Palpatine, who became the war's political ________.
FranceNicolas SarkozyGermanyCommander-in-chief

Question 8: Naboo's monarch appointed their senator, while the ________ Council of Elders elected their senator out of their own ranks, usually the heir to the Royal House of Organa and their bloodline, as the heir was also the leader of the council.
AlderaanStar Wars galaxyYavinCoruscant

Question 9: The Senate, and therefore the seat of government, was established on the planet ________, with coordinates 0-0-0 in the standard galactic coordinate system, signifying its central location in the galaxy.
TatooineStar Wars galaxyNabooCoruscant

Question 10: The Republic itself was formed on or near 1,000 BBY when the first "Galactic Constitution" was signed on ________, after the Corellian Hyperdrive connected many worlds in the Galactic Core.
Star Wars galaxyTatooineCoruscantNaboo


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