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Gaius Cassius Longinus: Quiz


Question 1: Caesar made Cassius a legate, employing him in the ________ against the very same Pharnaces whom Cassius had hoped to join after Pompey's defeat at Pharsalus.
AugustusJulius CaesarRoman RepublicCaesar's Civil War

Question 2: They regrouped the following year in ________, where their armies proclaimed them imperator.

Question 3: The result was the most famous Roman rout since the ________.
Third Punic WarPunic WarsRoman RepublicSecond Punic War

Question 4: Life of Brutus - from ________'s Parallel Lives
PlatoAlexander the GreatPlutarchDemosthenes

Question 5: Letters to and from Cassius - from ________'s Letters to Friends
Mark AntonyCiceroPompeyJulius Caesar

Question 6: Cassius quickly joined Brutus in ________ with most of his army, leaving his nephew behind to govern Syria.

Question 7: Crassus ignored Cassius and led the army into the ________, during which he also ignored Cassius' plans for strengthening the Roman line.
Roman–Persian WarsBattle of CarrhaeRoman–Persian War of 572–591Publius Licinius Crassus (son of triumvir)

Question 8: News of Pompey's defeat at the ________ caused Cassius to head for Hellespont, with hopes of allying with the king of Pontus, Pharnaces II.
Battle of PharsalusCaesar's Civil WarBattle of MundaRoman Republic

Question 9: He traveled with Crassus to the province of Syria, and attempted to dissuade him from attacking the Parthians, suggesting that they secure a base at the ________.
SumerAkkadian EmpireIraqEuphrates

Question 10: [10] Sometime between 48 and 45 BC, however, Cassius famously converted to the school of thought founded by ________.


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