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Question 1:
Which of the following teams did Gaelic football play for?
Pittsburgh Steelers
Providence Reds
Standard Liu00E8ge

Question 2: The final game of the inter-county series is the All-Ireland Final which takes place on the third Sunday of September at ________.
All-Ireland Senior B Hurling ChampionshipHurlingAll-Ireland Senior Hurling ChampionshipCroke Park

Question 3:
What is Gaelic football's nickname?
Female Haney

Question 4: Irish forms of football were not formally arranged into an organised playing code by the ________ (GAA) until 1887.
All-Ireland Senior Hurling ChampionshipGaelic Athletic AssociationGaelic Athletic Association countyAll-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Question 5: Trinity College, Dublin was an early stronghold of Rugby, and the rules of the ________ were codified in 1863 and distributed widely.
Scottish Football AssociationThe Football AssociationIrish Football AssociationEngland national football team

Question 6: The GAA sought to promote traditional Irish sports, such as ________ and to reject "foreign" (particularly English) imports.
All-Ireland Senior B Hurling ChampionshipAll-Ireland Senior Hurling ChampionshipCroke ParkHurling

Question 7: It proved difficult, if not impossible, for the authorities to enforce the Act and the earliest recorded inter-county match in Ireland was one between Louth and Meath, at ________, in 1712.
SlaneAshbourne, County MeathNavanLaytown

Question 8: Each player is numbered 1–15, starting with the ________, who must wear a jersey colour different from that of his/her teammates.
GoalkeeperIce hockeyAssociation footballField hockey

Question 9: ________
Croke ParkAll-Ireland Senior Football ChampionshipAll-Ireland Junior Football ChampionshipAll-Ireland Senior Football Championship 2010

Question 10: On Bloody Sunday in 1920, during the ________, a football match at Croke Park was attacked by British forces.
Irish Republican ArmyTimeline of the Irish War of IndependenceRepublic of IrelandIrish War of Independence

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