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Question 1: After applying to ________ for an annulment of his marriage and authority to remarry, in March of 1599 Henri gave his mistress his coronation ring.
Pope Adrian VIPope Clement VIIIPope Sixtus VPope Innocent XI

Question 2: Although he was married to ________, Henri and Gabrielle were openly affectionate with each other in public.
Anne of AustriaPrincess Marie Josephine Louise of SavoyMarie LeszczyńskaMargaret of Valois

Question 3: In 1626, he participated in a plot against ________.
Armand Marc, comte de MontmorinÉtienne François, duc de ChoiseulCardinal RichelieuFrançois Guizot

Question 4: [citation needed] A few days later, on 9 April, she suffered an attack of ________ and gave birth to a stillborn son.
HELLP syndromePlacental abruptionEclampsiaPre-eclampsia

Question 5: This enabled him to be crowned ________ on 27 February 1594.
List of French monarchsHouse of OrléansHouse of CapetNapoleon I

Question 6: In 1641 he was accused of conspiracy again and this time fled to ________.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: On 4 January 1595, Henri IV officially recognized and legitimized his son in a text validated by the ________[1].

Question 8: In 1598, Henri issued the ________, which gave the Huguenots certain rights while deferring to Catholics.
Henry IV of FranceFrench Wars of ReligionEdict of NantesFreedom of religion


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