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Gabriel García Márquez: Quiz


Question 1: This practice is influenced by Greek tragedies, such as Antigone and ________, in which important events occur off-stage and are left to the audience's imagination.
Greek mythologyApolloOedipus the KingHomer

Question 2: [41] and García Márquez pledged not to publish again until the Chilean Dictator ________ was deposed.
Augusto PinochetPope John Paul IISalvador AllendeFidel Castro

Question 3:
What is Gabriel Garca Mrquez also known as?
Villagru00E1n Garcu00EDa, Josu00E9
Gabriel, Peter Brian
Paletta, Gabriel
Garcu00EDa Mu00E1rquez, Gabriel Josu00E9

Question 4:
Where was Gabriel Garca Mrquez born?

Question 5:
What is the nationality of Gabriel Garca Mrquez?

Question 6: From 1954 to 1955, García Márquez spent time in Bogotá and regularly wrote for Bogotá's ________.
NewspaperColombian National PoliceEl EspectadorÁlvaro Uribe

Question 7:
When is Gabriel Garca Mrquez's birthday?

Question 8: He was awarded the ________ in 1982.
Frédéric MistralNobel Prize in ChemistryNobel Prize in LiteratureNobel Prize controversies

Question 9: García Márquez was inspired to write a ________ when he witnessed the flight of Venezuelan dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez.
Latin American BoomLiteraturePoetryDictator novel

Question 10: [17] He was well-known for his refusal to remain silent about the ________ that took place the year García Márquez was born.
National Front (Colombia)Banana massacreLa ViolenciaColombian armed conflict (1964–present)


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