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G protein: Quiz


Question 1: However, they also bind GTP and GDP and are involved in ________.
Membrane receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Lipid signalingSignal transduction

Question 2: G proteins, short for guanine nucleotide-binding proteins, are a family of ________ involved in second messenger cascades.

Question 3: [1] For this discovery they won the 1994 ________.
Barbara McClintockStanley Cohen (biochemist)Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineSalvador Luria

Question 4: cAMP acts as a second messenger that goes on to interact with and activate ________ (PKA).
Protein kinase AAMP-activated protein kinaseProtein kinase CG protein-coupled receptor kinase

Question 5: G proteins were discovered when Alfred G. Gilman and ________ investigated stimulation of cells by adrenaline.
Martin RodbellDaniel NathansStanley Cohen (biochemist)César Milstein

Question 6: Small GTPases also bind GTP and GDP and are involved in ________.
Signal transductionMembrane receptorLipid signalingReceptor (biochemistry)

Question 7: They are small (20-kDa to 25-kDa) ________ that bind to guanosine triphosphate (GTP).


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