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GNU General Public License: Quiz


Question 1: As a specific example of license incompatibility, ________' ZFS cannot be included in the GPL-licensed Linux kernel, because it is licensed under the GPL-incompatible CDDL.
Sun MicrosystemsJava (programming language)OpenJDKJava (software platform)

Question 2: Other licenses created by the GNU project include the GNU Lesser General Public License and the ________.
Affero General Public LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU Free Documentation LicenseGNU General Public License

Question 3: The GPL is an example of a powerful ________ license that requires derived works to be available under the same copyleft.
Free Software FoundationFree software licenceOpen-source softwareCopyleft

Question 4: Linux author ________ agrees that dynamic linking can create derived works but disagrees over the circumstances.
Richard StallmanLinus TorvaldsIan MurdockJon Hall (programmer)

Question 5: The public consultation process was coordinated by the Free Software Foundation with assistance from Software Freedom Law Center, ________,[18] and other free software groups.
Free Software Foundation Latin AmericaGNOMEFree Software Foundation EuropeRevolution OS

Question 6:

Question 7: Also see the ________ for examples of compatible and incompatible licenses.
Comparison of free software licensesList of FSF approved software licensesGNUList of software licenses

Question 8: It earns its legal power from the use of ________ on software programs.
CopyrightIntellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright on typefaces

Question 9: This exactly mirrored the predictions given previously by the FSF's ________.
Revolution OSEben MoglenRichard StallmanGNU/Linux naming controversy

Question 10: In late 2005, the ________ (FSF) announced work on version 3 of the GPL (GPLv3).
Digital rights managementFree Software FoundationCopyleftFree software movement

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