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GB 2312: Quiz


Question 1: EUC-CN is often used as the ________ (i.e.
ASCIICharacter encodingUnicodeUTF-8

Question 2: GB2312 (1980) has been superseded by GBK and ________, which include additional characters, but GB2312 is nonetheless still in widespread use.
GB 18030Universal Character SetHan unificationUnicode

Question 3: GB2312 is the registered internet name for a key official ________ of the People's Republic of China, used for simplified Chinese characters.
UnicodeASCIICharacter encodingUTF-8

Question 4: ________ - standard used in Taiwan and Hong Kong
JIS X 0208Extended Unix CodeUnicodeBig5

Question 5: HZ is another encoding of GB2312 that is used mostly for ________ postings.
UsenetE-mailInternet forumInstant messaging

Question 6: Hence, like ________, it is possible to check if a byte is part of a two-byte construct when using EUC-CN.
UnicodeASCIIUniversal Character SetUTF-8

Question 7: for external storage) in programs that deal with GB2312, thus maintaining compatibility with ________.
ASCIIWindows-1252ISO/IEC 8859-1Code page 437

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