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GBU-15: Quiz


Question 1: The GBU-15 has long-range maritime anti-ship capability with the ________.
KC-135 StratotankerB-29 SuperfortressB-47 StratojetB-52 Stratofortress

Question 2: During ________, all 71 GBU-15 modular glide bombs used were dropped from F-111F aircraft.
Yom Kippur War2006 Lebanon WarSix-Day WarGulf War

Question 3: Each weapon has five components—a forward guidance section, warhead adapter section, control module, ________ components, and a weapon data link.
AirfoilWingtip deviceStall (flight)Lift (force)

Question 4: In December ________, the program management responsibility for the GBU-15 weapon system transferred from the Air Force Systems Command to the Air Force Logistics Command.

Question 5: It was designed for use with ________, F-111 'Aardvark' and F-4 Phantom II aircraft, but the United States Air Force is currently only deploying it from the F-15E.
F-15E Strike EagleF-15 EagleC-17 Globemaster IIIF/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Question 6: In February ________, initial operational test and evaluation was completed on the imaging infrared guidance seeker.

Question 7: Flight testing of the weapon began in ________.

Question 8: The commands merged to become the Air Force Materiel Command in ________.

Question 9: It was a product improvement of the early guided bomb used during the ________ called the GBU-8 HOBOS.
Korean WarVietnam WarCold WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 10: The GBU-15 with television guidance, completed full-scale operational test and evaluation in November ________.


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