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GBK: Quiz


Question 1: A byte in the range 007F is a single byte that means the same thing as it does in ________.
Code page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1ASCIIWindows-1252

Question 2: In 1993, the Unicode 1.1 standard was released, including 20,902 characters used in mainland China, Taiwan, ________ and Korea.
CanadaCambodiaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Microsoft implemented GBK in ________ as Code Page 936.
Windows 95Microsoft WindowsWindows 9xOS/2

Question 4: In 2000, the ________-2000 standard was released, superseding yet maintaining compatibility with GBK 1.0.
Han unificationUnicodeUniversal Character SetGB 18030

Question 5: GBK is an extension of the GB2312 ________ for simplified Chinese characters, used in the People's Republic of China.
UTF-8Character encodingASCIIUnicode

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