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Question 1: His work also delved into controversial portrayals of the differences between women and men, as well as the concept of racial ________.
EugenicsNazi GermanyScientific racismThe Holocaust

Question 2: He was instrumental in the development of educational psychology, and attempted to determine the effect ________ has on education.
AdolescenceDevelopmental psychologyAdultPuberty

Question 3: Granville Stanley Hall (February 1, ________ -- April 24, 1924) was a pioneering American psychologist and educator.
1900June 15January 151844

Question 4: In 1887, he founded the American Journal of Psychology and in 1892 was appointed as the first president of the ________.
Psychological BulletinGeorge Armitage MillerAmerican Psychological AssociationPsychological Review

Question 5: In 1882 (until 1888), he was appointed as a Professor of Psychology and Pedagogics at ________, and began what is considered to be the first American psychology laboratory.
Johns Hopkins UniversityCarnegie Mellon UniversityFlorida State UniversityStanford University

Question 6: Works by G. Stanley Hall at ________
Amazon KindleGoogle BooksProject GutenbergProject Gutenberg Australia

Question 7: Hall also coined the technical words describing types of ________: knismesis, or feather-like tickling; and gargalesis, for the harder, laughter inducing type.
TicklingFootTickling fetishismHuman

Question 8: [1] In 1889, he was named the first President of ________, a post he filled until 1920.
Clark UniversityAnna Maria CollegeWorcester Polytechnic InstituteAssumption College

Question 9: Born in Ashfield, ________, Hall graduated from Williams College in 1867, then studied at the Union Theological Seminary.
ConnecticutRhode IslandMaineMassachusetts

Question 10: Hall was the first president of the ________ and the first president of Clark University.
Psychological ReviewGeorge Armitage MillerAmerican Psychological AssociationPsychological Bulletin


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