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Fyodor Tyutchev: Quiz


Question 1: His daughter Kitty caused a sensation, and the novelist ________ wooed her, "almost prepared to marry her impassively, without love, but she received me with studied coldness", as he remarked in a diary.
Mikhail BakuninLeo TolstoyPeter KropotkinNestor Makhno

Question 2: In 1822 he joined the Foreign Office and accompanied his relative, Count Ostermann-Tolstoy, to ________.

Question 3: His childhood years were spent in ________, where he joined the classicist academy of Professor Merzlyakov at the age of 15.

Question 4: The same poem was also set to music by the 20th century Russian composer, ________ (1925-1996), in his 1974 cantata "Signs of the Zodiac".
Georgi DaneliyaDmitri ShostakovichMieczysław WeinbergBoris Tchaikovsky

Question 5: In 1836, the "Jesuit" Prince Gagarin obtained from Tyutchev a permission to publish his selected poems in Sovremennik, a literary journal edited by ________.
Alexander PushkinMikhail GlinkaMikhail LermontovVasily Zhukovsky

Question 6: In 1819–1821, Tyutchev attended ________, where he specialized in philology.
University College LondonUniversité Libre de BruxellesVilnius UniversityLomonosov Moscow State University

Question 7: Their last meeting took place on March 31, 1873 when ________ visited Tyutchev on his deathbed.
Crimean WarCount Nikolay AdlerbergRussiaAmalie Adlerberg

Question 8: Like so many of his poems, its images are anthropomorphic and pulsing with ________.

Question 9: His first printed work was a translation of ________'s epistle to Maecenas.
VirgilHoraceOvidBen Jonson


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