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Question 1: Fuzzballs are theorized by some superstring theory scientists to be the true quantum description of ________.
Schwarzschild metricBlack holeKerr–Newman metricKerr metric

Question 2: ________, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, is 4.3 million solar masses.
Compact starBlack star (semiclassical gravity)Sagittarius A*Supermassive black hole

Question 3: Accordingly, fuzzballs can be regarded as the most extreme form of ________.
Fermionic condensateDegenerate matterStrange matterQuark–gluon plasma

Question 4: The singularity at the heart of the black hole, where conventional black hole theory says there is infinite ________ curvature due to an infinitely intense gravitational field from a region of zero volume.
Proper timeSpacetimeTime dilationT-symmetry

Question 5: With classical black holes, objects passing through the event horizon on their way to the singularity are thought to enter a realm of curved spacetime where the ________ exceeds the speed of light.
Escape velocitySolar SystemMoonGravity assist

Question 6: There are also ________, which are found at the center of virtually all galaxies.
Primordial black holeSupermassive black holeSagittarius A*Stellar black hole

Question 7: According to ________, via his special theory of relativity, the speed of light is the maximum permissible velocity in spacetime.
Albert EinsteinRelationship between religion and scienceScientific methodIsaac Newton


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