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Question 1: Time fuzes detonate after a set period of time by using one or more combinations of mechanical, electronic, ________ or even chemical timers.
PyrotechnicsFireworksExplosive materialThe Undertaker

Question 2: Fuzes fitted to M107 155mm ________, circa 2000
CannonShell (projectile)TankAnti-tank warfare

Question 3: air-dropped bomb or ________) to detonate when it comes within a certain pre-set distance of the target, or vice versa.
BattleshipNaval mineTorpedoSubmarine

Question 4: Fuze for a German ________, which would be screwed into the fuze well on the mine
S-mineTopfmineRiegel mine 43Tellermine 43

Question 5: Proximity fuzes utilize sensors incorporating one or more combinations of the following: radar, active sonar, passive acoustic, ________, magnetic, photoelectric, seismic or even television cameras.
Electromagnetic spectrumUltravioletX-rayInfrared

Question 6: Modern fuzes for "smart weapons" are invariably ________ i.e.
Personal computerComputerLinuxCentral processing unit

Question 7: ________ cause a missile warhead or other munition (e.g.
Vannevar BushNaval mineProximity fuzeWorld War II

Question 8: In the mid-late 1800s adjustable metal time fuzes, the fore-runners of today's time fuzes, containing burning gunpowder as the delay mechanism became common, in conjunction with the introduction of ________ artillery.
FirearmInternal ballisticsCartridge (firearms)Rifling

Question 9: incorporate ________ such as gate arrays.
64-bitMicroprocessorReduced instruction set computerCentral processing unit

Question 10: German ________ dating from World War II showing fuze well into which a 3-pronged fuze would be screwed
S-mineTopfmineRiegel mine 43Tellermine 43


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