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Futurist: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ traces earliest English usage of the term 'futurist' to 1842, referring to Christian scriptural futurists.
James Murray (lexicographer)Oxford English DictionaryUnited KingdomAmerican and British English spelling differences

Question 2: The period from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s laid the conceptual and methodological foundations of the modern ________ field.
Futures techniquesSocial sciencesSociologyFuturology

Question 3: Not all futurists engage in the practice of ________ as generally defined.
Social sciencesFutures techniquesSociologyFuturology

Question 4: university course devoted entirely to the future was taught by futurist ________ at The New School in 1966.
FuturologyThe Third Wave (book)Alvin TofflerFuture Shock

Question 5: Bertrand de Jouvenel's The Art of Conjecture in 1963 and ________'s Inventing the Future in 1964 are considered key early works, and the first U.S.
Charles Hard TownesDennis GaborEugene WignerJohn Bardeen


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