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Question 1: But Futurist painting differed in both subject matter and treatment from the quiet and static Cubism of Picasso, ________ and Gris.
Henri MatisseFauvismGeorges BraqueAndré Derain

Question 2: He was soon joined by the painters Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Giacomo Balla, ________ and the composer Luigi Russolo.
CubismFuturismGino SeveriniModernism

Question 3: In 1910 and 1911 they used the techniques of ________, breaking light and color down into a field of stippled dots and stripes, which had been originally created by Giovanni Segantini and others.

Question 4: The poet ________ was a prominent member of the movement.
Boris PasternakVladimir MayakovskyJoseph StalinRussia

Question 5: Many Italian Futurists supported ________ in the hope of modernizing a country divided between the industrialising north and the rural, archaic South.
FascismItalian FascismNazismTotalitarianism

Question 6: By contrast, the Italian symphony was dominated by ________ in an "absurd and anti-musical form".
FachThe opera corpusOperaFrench opera

Question 7: [12] Russolo's intonarumori influenced Stravinsky, Honegger, ________, Edgar Varèse,[4] Stockhausen and John Cage.
Igor StravinskyErik SatieAaron CoplandGeorge Antheil

Question 8: It was largely an Italian phenomenon, though there were parallel movements in Russia, ________ and elsewhere.
EnglandScotlandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 9: There are also Futurist elements in ________'s The Steel Step.
Sergei ProkofievRussiaIgor StravinskyReinhold Glière

Question 10: ________ has been seen as anticipating some Futurist ideas, though he remained wedded to tradition.
Frédéric ChopinFelix MendelssohnFerruccio BusoniFerruccio Busoni discography (as composer)

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