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Futari wa Pretty Cure: Quiz


Question 1: The original Pretty Cure series, directed by Daisuke Nishio (known for Dragon Ball Z and ________), premiered on TV Asai February 1, 2004.
Young AnimalTenjho TengeAir MasterBattle Vixens

Question 2: Belzei Gertrude (ベルゼイ・ガートルード Beruzei Gātorūdo ?) is the ________ leader of the group.
United KingdomDe factoMoroccoUnited States

Question 3: The Seeds of Darkness are joined by ________, their pet bird; and the Butler Zakenna (執事ザケンナー ?).
Ara (genus)Scarlet MacawBlue-and-yellow MacawMacaw

Question 4: On February 25, 2006, 4Kids Entertainment announced broadcasting and distribution rights for Pretty Cure in the United States,[7] however ________ never aired the show or produced an English version of it.
British Sky Broadcasting4Kids EntertainmentNews Corporation4Kids TV

Question 5: Nagisa Misumi (美墨なぎさ Misumi Nagisa ?, Natalie Blackstone in the English version) is the ace of the school ________ team.
Field lacrosseLacrosseIce hockeyCollege athletics

Question 6: Voiced by: ________ (Japanese), Roger Rhodes (English)
Takehito KoyasuTomokazu SekiShin-ichiro MikiNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime)

Question 7: Its popularity has also led to a spoof of the show in an episode of the ________ anime.
Death NoteEyeshield 21Reborn!Gin Tama

Question 8: Gekidrago (ゲキドラーゴ Gekidorāgo ?, 6-11) is the strongman of the Dark Five, large and muscular with a ________-shaped head.
Ahu VinapuOrongoMoaiEaster Island

Question 9: In her true form, she resembles a ________: She is pale, dresses in black tinted with red, wears a cape and has fangs, dark-rimmed yellow and red eyes and long red hair.
Vampire filmVampire literatureVampire folklore by regionVampire

Question 10: [11] The dub was produced by ________ in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and recorded at Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta.
The Ocean GroupTransformers: EnergonBrian DrummondScott McNeil

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