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Fustat: Quiz


Question 1:
Fustat, Petra and Kaaba are all:
Populated places in Egypt Arabic architecture Populated places established in the 7th century Old Cairo

Question 2: [5] It remained the primary base for Arab expansion in Africa until Qayrawan was founded in ________ in 670.

Question 3:
Fustat, The Hanging Church and Old Cairo are all:
Former populated places in Egypt Old Cairo Populated places established in the 7th century History of Cairo

Question 4: After ________ conquered Egypt around 331 BC, the capital became the city named for him, Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast.
Ptolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 5: The remains of the city were eventually absorbed by nearby ________, which had been built to the north of Fustat in 969 when the Algerian Fatimids conquered the region and created a new city as a royal enclosure for the Caliph.

Question 6: Fustat (also Fostat, Al Fustat, Misr al-Fustat and Fustat-Misr, and in Arabic الفسطاط), was the first capital of Egypt under ________ rule.
Palestinian peopleSyriaIraqArab people

Question 7:
Fustat, Heliopolis (ancient) and Cairo Geniza are all:
Arabic architecture Populated places established in the 7th century Old Cairo History of Cairo

Question 8: [9] The majority of the settlers came from Yemen, with the next largest grouping from western ________, along with some Jews and Roman mercenaries.
Arabian PeninsulaWestern AsiaAsiaMiddle East

Question 9: This situation remained stable for nearly a thousand years, until the army of the Arabian Caliph Umar captured the region in the 7th century, shortly after the death of ________.

Question 10: ________ in the early 11th century described some of them rising up to 14 stories, with roof gardens on the top storey complete with ox-drawn water wheels for irrigating them.
RumiNasir KhusrawAvicennaAfghanistan


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