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Question 1: ________, power generation using controlled nuclear fusion reactions
Fusion powerAneutronic fusionUraniumPlutonium

Question 2: ________, Christian rock band previously known as "Fusion"
PromesaBride (band)StryperGuardian (band)

Question 3: ________, a merger of Interlock System and Hero System
FuzionEABATri-Stat dXFudge (role-playing game system)

Question 4: Microcode Solutions Fusion, a popular Macintosh Emulator for ________ computers
Amiga 1200AmigaAmiga 4000TAmiga 4000

Question 5: ________, a defunct part of the LaRouche movement and publisher of Fusion
Fusion Energy FoundationLaRouche criminal trialsU.S. Labor PartyLyndon LaRouche

Question 6: Fusion, a combat technique in ________ that merges two or more people into a single, more powerful individual
Akira ToriyamaDragonball EvolutionSon Goku (Dragon Ball)Dragon Ball

Question 7: ________, a music video game by Konami
Dancing Stage MaxDance Dance Revolution Extreme (North America)Dance Dance Revolution Disney MixDancing Stage Fusion

Question 8: Fusion Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting from the ________
McGill UniversityHarvard UniversityUniversity of Toronto ScarboroughUniversity of Toronto

Question 9: ________, a portfolio of standards-based software products that spans multiple services
Service-oriented architectureOracle CorporationOracle Application ServerOracle Fusion Middleware

Question 10: ________, a future next-generation microprocessor design
Advanced Micro DevicesAMD TurionAMD FusionAMD K10


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