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Question 1: In the frame of Eko's church, he builds a sweat lodge and convinces ________ (Dominic Monaghan) to stand guard.
Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Charlie PaceLost (season 1)Lost (TV series)

Question 2: Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro make their first appearances as ________ in this episode.
Lost (TV series)Lost (season 3)Exposé (Lost)Nikki and Paulo

Question 3: Locke's hallucination takes him to ________ airport.
SydneyStadium AustraliaMelbourneBrisbane

Question 4: He rescues Eko from the polar bear by building a makeshift ________ from a torch and a can of hair spray.
United StatesFlamethrowerWorld War IITank

Question 5: ________'s (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) stick falls from above nearly hitting him.
Lost (TV series)Mr. EkoLost (season 3)Lost (season 2)

Question 6: Eddie joins the commune, but after six weeks, he asks Locke why he is never allowed to know what is going on in a greenhouse (into which he sees an exceptional amount of ________ going).

Question 7: [7] Chris Carabott of ________ wrote that the episode was "an entertaining hour of television.

Question 8: ________
Chris Mulkey
Virginia Morris
Justin Chatwin
Joel Himelhoch
Dion Donahue
Kristen BellBoone CarlyleLost (TV series)Ian Somerhalder

Question 9: John Locke wakes up in the jungle and sees a naked ________ (Henry Ian Cusick) run by, but Locke cannot speak.
Desmond HumeLost (season 3)Lost (TV series)Lost (season 4)

Question 10: In flashbacks, Locke is a member of a commune in ________.
Del Norte County, CaliforniaMendocino County, CaliforniaEureka, CaliforniaHumboldt County, California

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