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Furry Lewis: Quiz


Question 1: His travels exposed him to a wide variety of performers including ________, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Texas Alexander.
Bessie SmithJazzLouis ArmstrongBlues

Question 2:
What role did Furry Lewis play in the movie W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings?
Uncle Furry
Good Ole Boy #2
W.W. Bright

Question 3: Lewis despised the Mitchell song and demanded she pay him ________.
CopyrightRoyaltiesRecord labelMusic industry

Question 4: Lewis was one of the first of the old-time blues musicians of the 1920s to be brought out of retirement, and given a new lease of recording life, by the ________ of the 1960s.
Folk musicFolk rockRoots revivalAmerican folk music

Question 5: These recordings were released in ________ at the time by Barclay Records, and then again in the early 1990s by Lucky Seven Records in the United States, and again in 2006 by Universal.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 6: His position as a ________ for the City of Memphis, a job he would hold until his retirement in 1966, allowed him to remain active in the Memphis music scene.
Waste managementRadioactive wasteStreet sweeperComposting

Question 7: ________'s song, "Furry Sings the Blues", (on her Hejira album) is about Lewis and the Memphis music she experienced in the early 1970s.
Blue (Joni Mitchell album)Big Yellow TaxiJoni MitchellShine (Joni Mitchell album)

Question 8: In 1927, Lewis cut his first records in ________ for the Vocalion label.
Blue Island, IllinoisChicagoBurr Ridge, IllinoisElmhurst, Illinois

Question 9: Walter E. Lewis was born in Greenwood, ________, but his family moved to Memphis when he was aged seven.
Georgia (U.S. state)FloridaAlabamaMississippi

Question 10: He also was invited to play several dates with W. C. Handy's ________.
Classical musicOrchestraTimpaniThe Planets

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