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Question 1: [1] It did not take long until TinyMUD had emerged as the "most popular MUD on the internet",[2] and a ________ of furry fans emerged within the system.
Social stratificationSociologyIdeologySubculture

Question 2: Toronto proved to be only a short-term home, and in October of 1993, after a call for volunteers to house the system, it was moved to ________.
Marquette UniversityBeloit CollegeCarroll UniversitySt. Norbert College

Question 3: The original version of FurryMUCK was hosted at ________ until mid 1991, when it was forced to move.
North Carolina State UniversityTobacco RoadECU – NC State rivalryNC State Wolfpack football

Question 4: Over time, FurryMUCK has become one of the central focal points for ________, with a user base consisting of several thousand, with over 450 users usually signed on simultaneously.
FursuitFurry conventionSamuel ConwayFurry fandom

Question 5: In November FurryMUCK moved again, this time to a server at ________.
Carnegie Mellon UniversityRobert Morris UniversityHeinz FieldPoint Park University

Question 6: A new home was found at the ________, where it resided until November of that year.
University of California, IrvineUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, DavisStanford University

Question 7: FurryMUCK is one of the oldest and largest non-combat ________-style games in existence.
Massively multiplayer online gameMUDAdventure gameRole-playing video game

Question 8: West Corner of the Park, a ________ based on FurryMuck characters and locales
WebcomicClassical music blogAggregatorMP3 blog

Question 9: Many of the more popular phrases of furry jargon, including "________" and "scritch" stem from this virtual environment.
FursuitSamuel ConwayFurry conventionFurry fandom

Question 10: There is also a ________ of the same name which is set on FurryMuck, usually in the park.
Classical music blogAggregatorMP3 blogWebcomic

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