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Furazolidone: Quiz


Question 1: Use in treating ________ infections has been proposed.
Escherichia coliHelicobacter pyloriPseudomonas aeruginosaPeptic ulcer

Question 2: It is marketed by Roberts Laboratories under the brand name Furoxone and by ________ as Dependal-M.
VodafoneGlaxoSmithKlineAstraZenecaShire plc

Question 3: Furazolidone is also used for Giardiasis (due to ________), though it is not a first line treatment.
Trichomonas vaginalisGiardia lambliaDientamoeba fragilisTrypanosoma brucei

Question 4: Furazolidone is also used to treat traveler's diarrhoea, ________, and bacteremic salmonellosis.
CholeraTyphoid feverVibrio choleraePlague (disease)

Question 5: It is used to treat diarrhoea and enteritis caused by ________ or protozoan infections.
Gram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumBacteriaGram-positive bacteria

Question 6: As a veterinary medicine, furazolidone has been used with some success to treat salmonids for ________ infections.
Myxobolus cerebralisKudoa thyrsitesFish diseases and parasitesSea louse

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