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Fur clothing: Quiz


Question 1: The exact date when fur was first used in ________ is debated.
WoolSilkDress codeClothing

Question 2: It is known that several species of hominoids including Homo sapiens and ________ used fur clothing.
Human evolutionNeanderthalHumanHomo floresiensis

Question 3: The ________ peoples of the Arctic relied on fur for most of their clothing, and it also forms a part of traditional Russian, Scandinavian and Japanese clothing.
NunavutInuitCanadaMétis people (Canada)

Question 4: In contrast, ________ made from any animal hide involves removing the fur from the skin and using only the tanned skin.
ButtonLeather skirtLeatherWool

Question 5: ________ advocates object to the trapping and killing of wildlife, and to the confinement and killing of animals on fur farms due to concerns about the animals' welfare, suffering, and death in general.
Animal rightsAnimal liberation movementAnimal testingPeter Singer

Question 6: Fur clothing is ________ made entirely of, or partially of, the fur of animals.
Dress codeClothingSilkWool

Question 7: ________, along with other animal welfare organizations, celebrities, and ethicists, have called attention to the cruelty of fur farming.
Humane Society of the United StatesPeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsAnimal rightsIngrid Newkirk

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