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Question 1: [144] As in ________, the photobiont provides sugars and other carbohydrates via photosynthesis, while the fungus provides minerals and water.
PlantAscomycotaMycorrhizaArbuscular mycorrhiza

Question 2: For example, the ________ was formulated by scientists who used the bread mold Neurospora crassa to test their biochemical theories.
Griffith's experimentOne gene-one enzyme hypothesisAvery–MacLeod–McCarty experimentMeselson–Stahl experiment

Question 3: Furthermore, persons with immuno-deficiencies are particularly susceptible to disease by genera such as ________, Candida, Cryptoccocus,[134][155][156] Histoplasma,[157] and Pneumocystis.
FungusAspergillusAspergillus nigerAscomycota

Question 4: Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites (or ________), and research has established the existence of biochemical pathways solely for the purpose of producing mycotoxins and other natural products in fungi.
ScopolamineHerbalismNicotineNatural product

Question 5: [29 ] Some can survive the intense UV and ________ encountered during space travel.
Nuclear fusionIonizing radiationX-rayCosmic ray

Question 6: ________) or food spoilage can have a large impact on human food supplies and local economies.
Dugway Proving GroundMagnaporthe griseaFort DetrickStem rust

Question 7: Members of the ________ form arbuscular mycorrhizae, a form of symbiosis where fungal hyphae invade plant root cells and both species benefit from the resulting increased supply of nutrients.

Question 8: Neither water molds nor slime molds are closely related to the true fungi, and, therefore, ________ no longer group them in the kingdom Fungi.
Biological classificationMilitary taxonomyTaxonomyFolk taxonomy

Question 9:
What period does the fossils of the Fungus come from?
Mid Eocene u2013 Recent
Lower Jurassic u2013 Recent
Early/Mid Silurian u2013 Late Devonian
Early Devonian u2013 Recent

Question 10: [202] Fungi have been shown to biomineralize uranium ________, suggesting they may have application in the bioremediation of radioactively polluted sites.

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