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Question 1: A much improved spatial and temporal resolution for fMRI data collection has now been achieved by using ________ methodology that can detect these changes in neurons.
Functional magnetic resonance imagingDiffusion MRIMagnetic resonance imagingMultiple sclerosis

Question 2: Higher BOLD signal intensities arise from increases in the concentration of oxygenated ________ since the blood magnetic susceptibility now more closely matches the tissue magnetic susceptibility.
HemoglobinSerum ironArterial blood gasGlycated hemoglobin

Question 3: ________: Physical principles underlie fMRI signals and many studies require an understanding of these underlying principles.
PhysicsUniverseQuantum mechanicsParticle physics

Question 4: However, there are also discernible peaks for ________, creatine, N-acetylaspartate (NAA) and lactate.

Question 5: ________: Correct application of statistics is essential to "tease out" observations and avoid false-positive results.
StatisticsProbabilityMathematical statisticsRegression analysis

Question 6: The images produced must be interpreted carefully, since ________, and brain processes are complex and often non-localized.
AmbiguityCorrelation does not imply causationBegging the questionPost hoc ergo propter hoc

Question 7: It measures the hemodynamic response (change in blood flow) related to neural activity in the ________ or spinal cord of humans or other animals.
Nervous systemDigestionBrainSensory system

Question 8: Since the 1890s it has been known that changes in blood flow and blood oxygenation in the ________ (collectively known as hemodynamics) are closely linked to neural activity.
Sensory systemBrainNervous systemDigestion

Question 9: MRS takes advantage of the fact that protons (________ atoms) residing in differing chemical environments depending upon the molecule they inhabit (H2O vs.

Question 10: Before the advent of fMRI functional neuroimaging was typically performed with positron emission tomography (PET) scanners or more rarely with ________ scanners.
PlutoniumX-raySingle photon emission computed tomographyRadiation therapy


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