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Question 1: ________ is used in computer science as well.
Imperative programmingFunctional programmingDeclarative programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 2: Functional symptom is sometimes used in ________ to describe symptoms that have no current visible organic basis, e.g.
Specialty (medicine)MedicineSurgeryPhysician

Question 3:
  • ________ a type of functional often simply called a functional in the context of functional analysis.
    Linear functionalDual spaceVector spaceHilbert space

Question 4: Generally, functional refers to something able to fulfill its ________ or function.

Question 5: ________ is a structured representation of the functions, activities or processes.
Systems engineeringSystems modelingFunction modelBusiness process modeling

Question 6: ________ in organic chemistry (for example, "This compound has two carbonyl functions").
AlkaneEthyleneFunctional groupAlcohol


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