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Question 1: HIPO for hierarchical input process output is a popular 1970s systems analysis design aid and documentation technique[15] for representing the modules of a system as a ________ and for documenting each module.
HierarchyOrganizational hierarchyBiological organisationHuman

Question 2: These boxes and arrows have an associated informal ________.
LinguisticsFormal semanticsPragmaticsSemantics

Question 3: The functional perspective is one of the perspectives possible in ________, other perspecifives are for example behavioural, organisational or informational.
Systems engineeringRequirements analysisFunction modelBusiness process modeling

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  This FEA Business reference model depicts the relationship between the business processes, business functions, and the business area’s business reference model.
  Functional Flow Block Diagram Format.[11]
  Figure 2. N2 chart definition.[18]

Question 5: functional decomposition has a prominent role in ________, where a major goal is to modularize processes to the greatest extent possible.
Software designComputer programmingSoftware testingRequirements analysis

Question 6: [22] It is part of the ________ family of modeling languages in the field of software engineering, and is built on the functional modeling language building SADT.
IDEFFunction modelInformation modelData model

Question 7: Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT) is a ________ for describing systems as a hierarchy of functions, a diagrammatic notation for constructing a sketch for a software application.
Software development methodologyModeling languageSoftware designProgramming paradigm

Question 8: Functional Flow Block Diagrams (FFBD) usually define the detailed, step-by-step operational and support sequences for ________, but they are also used effectively to define processes in developing and producing systems.
SystemSociologySystems scienceSystems theory

Question 9: It can show the critical ________ in the context of the business area functions.
Business process managementBusiness processWorkflowBusiness process modeling

Question 10: In enterprise engineering a business reference model is part of an Enterprise Architecture Framework or Architecture Framework, which defines how to organize the structure and views associated with an ________.
Function modelEnterprise architectureSystems engineeringSoftware development methodology


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