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Question 1: A functional characteristic is known as an ________, and the research strategy for investigating whether a character is adaptive is known as adaptationism.
AdaptationNatural selectionEvolutionModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 2: ________ and the gizzard of a bird highlight this point: both grind up food, serving the same function in terms of digestion.
Tooth (human)Head and neck anatomyTooth developmentFascia

Question 3: The correlation of form (also referred to as structure) and function is one of the central themes in ________.

Question 4: They may also have lost their function over time due to changing conditions, in which case they are said to be ________.
VestigialityAdaptationNatural selectionEvolution

Question 5: A function is part of an answer to a question about why some object or process occurred in a system that ________ through a process of selection.
Population geneticsNatural selectionIntroduction to evolutionEvolution

Question 6: As another example, the function of ________ in a plant is to capture the energy of sunlight for photosynthesis, which contributes to growth and reproduction, and reproduction contributes to evolutionary success.
Plant physiologyLeafChlorophyllChloroplast

Question 7: To illustrate the point, an enzymologist discovering an unknown ________ would be highly unlikely to identify its function with only structural information.
EnzymeEnzyme inhibitorAdenosine triphosphateCofactor (biochemistry)


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