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Fulvia: Quiz


Question 1: In 62 BCE, Clodius dressed as a woman and entered the house of ________ while the sacred (and female-only) rites of the Bona Dea were being performed.
PompeyJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaRoman Republic

Question 2: [7] ________ considered him a demagogue.
PlutarchPlatoDemosthenesAlexander the Great

Question 3: Through her marriage to three of the most promising Roman men of her generation, Publius Clodius Pulcher, Gaius Scribonius Curio and ________, she gained access to power.
Cleopatra VIIPtolemy I SoterJulius CaesarMark Antony

Question 4: [17] In 50 BCE Curio won election as a ________, the year after he married Fulvia.
Ancient RomeTribuneCursus honorumRoman Republic

Question 5: [2] Fulvia was a member of the Fulvian gens which hailed from ________.
Mamilia (gens)SabineTusculumAncient Rome

Question 6: [36][37] Fulvia also attempted to delay the land settlements until Antony returned to Rome, so that the two ________ could share the credit.
TriumvirateRoman RepublicAncient RomeRoman Kingdom

Question 7: In 41 BC, tensions between Octavian and Fulvia escalated to war in ________.

Question 8:
Fulvia was born and raised either in Rome or Tusculum, ________.

Question 9: Curio was killed while fighting for ________ in North Africa in 49 BCE, by the army of King Juba I of Numidia.
PompeyRoman RepublicLucius Cornelius SullaJulius Caesar

Question 10: Antony formed the second triumvirate with Octavian (the future emperor ________) and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus on 43 BCE and began to conduct proscriptions.
Roman EmperorDomitianTiberiusAugustus

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