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Fulk of Jerusalem: Quiz


Question 1: Sibylla of Anjou (1112–1165, ________), married in 1123 William Clito (div.
Santa ClausJesusChristmasBethlehem

Question 2: Fulk went on crusade in 1120, and became a close friend of the ________.
Knights Templar legendsCrusadesKnights TemplarJacques de Molay

Question 3: Alice (or Isabella) (1107–1154, Fontevrault), married ________; after his death in the White Ship she became a nun and later Abbess of Fontevrault.
Stephen of EnglandHenry I of EnglandHenry II of EnglandWilliam III, Duke of Normandy

Question 4: He was buried in the ________ in Jerusalem.
CrusadesChurch of the Holy SepulchreCalvaryEaster

Question 5: He was also the paternal grandfather of ________.
Richard I of EnglandHenry II of EnglandHenry the Young KingJohn of England

Question 6: Fulk had been appointed regent of the ________ by Baldwin II.
Kings of Jerusalem family treePrincipality of AntiochGerman monarchs family treeBorjigin

Question 7: Fulk abdicated his county seat of Anjou to his son Geoffery and left for ________, where he married Melisende on 2 June 1129.

Question 8: By 1127 Fulk was preparing to return to ________ when he received an embassy from King Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

Question 9: Fulk (1089/1092 in ________ – 13 November 1143 in Acre), also known as Fulk the Younger, was Count of Anjou (as Fulk V) from 1109 to 1129, and King of Jerusalem from 1131 to his death.

Question 10: He was originally an opponent of King ________ and a supporter of King Louis VI of France, but in 1127 he allied with Henry when Henry arranged for his daughter Matilda to marry Fulk's son Geoffrey of Anjou.
Stephen of EnglandHenry I of EnglandWilliam I of EnglandHenry II of England


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