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Question 1: ________, the measure of the “effective concentration” of a species in a mixture
Activity (chemistry)Henry's lawSolutionChemical equilibrium

Question 2: Fugacity is used to better approximate the pressure of real world gases than estimations useing the ________.
Ideal gas lawEntropyVan der Waals equationStatistical mechanics

Question 3: In the real world gas approach ________ behavior at low pressures and high temperatures; under such conditions the value of fugacity approaches the value of pressure.
Statistical mechanicsIdeal gasMaxwell–Boltzmann statisticsEntropy

Question 4: Fugacity (f) is a chemical term with units of pressure that is intended to better describe a gas' real world pressure than the ideal pressure "P" used in the ________.
Ideal gas lawEntropyStatistical mechanicsVan der Waals equation

Question 5: The concept of fugacity was introduced by American chemist ________.
Linus PaulingElectronGlenn T. SeaborgGilbert N. Lewis

Question 6: Since ________ are the most common means describe a gases or vapors concentration fugacity is extremely useful in determining real world gas concentrations.
ChemistryPartial pressureNitrogenVapor pressure


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