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Fuel efficiency in transportation: Quiz


Question 1: As a relatively light and slow vehicle, with low-friction tires, and an efficient chain-driven drivetrain, the ________ can be an efficient form of transport.
UnicycleBicycle trailerBicycleRecumbent bicycle

Question 2: Walking one kilometre requires approximately 330 kJ (70 kcal) of ________[3].
Food chemistryNutritionFood microbiologyFood energy

Question 3: One cubic metre of fuel would push the ship forward by 1.8 ________.
LatitudeKnot (unit)KilometreNautical mile

Question 4: a 1997 EC study[26] on page 74 claims 18.00 kWh/train-km for the TGV Duplex assuming 3 intermediate stops between Paris and ________.

Question 5: ________ state that their A380 consumes fuel at the rate of less than 3 L/100 km per passenger.
AirbusBoeingAirbus A320 familyAirbus A350

Question 6: For ________ transport, rail and ship transport are generally much more efficient than trucking, and air freight is much less efficient.
ContainerizationCargoIntermodal freight transportIntermodal container

Question 7: As over 80% of the fully-laden take-off weight of a modern aircraft such as the ________ is craft and fuel, there remains considerable room for future improvements in efficiency.
Boeing 747Airbus A380Wide-body aircraftAirbus A320 family

Question 8: ________ - achieves 48 mpg-US (4.9 L/100 km; 58 mpg-imp) under real-world conditions.
Honda Civic (eighth generation)Honda Civic HybridHonda InsightHonda Civic (seventh generation)

Question 9: The ________ was rated in a test with a charging efficiency of 373 Wh-AC/mile or 23 kWh/100 km.
Electric carGeneral Motors EV1Electric vehiclePlug-in hybrid

Question 10: Bio-fuels, ________ and hydrogen, for instance, have significant energy inputs in their production.
ElectricityElectric currentElectromagnetismElectric charge


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