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Fuel economy in automobiles: Quiz


Question 1: Sites or publications such as ________,, and offer this service and claim more accurate numbers than those listed by the EPA.
United StatesConsumer ReportsSuzuki JimnyGood Housekeeping

Question 2: Fuel economy: the distance traveled per unit of fuel used; most commonly ________ (mpg) or kilometres per litre (km/L).
Miles per gallon gasoline equivalentMiles per gallonImperial unitsFuel efficiency

Question 3: The ________ is implementing some legislation which limits greenhouse gas emissions.
Sacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia Air Resources BoardLow-carbon fuel standardZero-emissions vehicle

Question 4: Using lighter materials for moving parts such as pistons, ________, gears and alloy wheels
Two-stroke engineOil pump (internal combustion engine)CrankshaftConnecting rod

Question 5: [12] However, the proportion of driving on high speed roadways varies from 4% in ________ to 41% in Netherlands.
WalesIrish peopleNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 6: ________, which varies with engine type, the mass of the automobile and its load, and engine speed (usually measured in RPM).
Stirling engineDiesel engineEngine efficiencyInternal combustion engine

Question 7: Fuel consumption: the amount of fuel used per unit distance; most commonly, litres per 100 ________ (L/100 km).

Question 8: In the European Union advertising has to show ________ (CO2)-emission and fuel consumption data in a clear way as described in the UK Statutory Instrument 2004 No 1661.
Carbon dioxideCarbon sinkCarbon cycleGreenhouse gas

Question 9: established a gas guzzler ________ on the sale of new model year vehicles whose fuel economy fails to meet certain statutory levels.
TaxTax havenExciseIncome tax

Question 10: U.S. Fuel Economy Label (________).
OklahomaFloridaColoradoUnited States Environmental Protection Agency


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