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Fuel cell vehicle: Quiz


Question 1: Fuel cells create electricity to power an ________ using hydrogen or a reformed hydrocarbon fuel and oxygen from the air.
AC motorElectrical generatorElectric motorInduction motor

Question 2: ________
Direct-ethanol fuel cellSolid oxide fuel cellDirect methanol fuel cellProton exchange membrane fuel cell

Question 3: [2], the first ever ________ was built in 1807 by Fran├žois Isaac de Rivaz.
Electric carHydrogen vehicleAlternative fuel vehicleElectric vehicle

Question 4: A Fuel cell vehicle or FC vehicle (FCV) is a type of hydrogen vehicle which uses a ________ to produce its on-board motive power.
Lead-acid batteryFuel cellZinc-air batteryFlow battery

Question 5: Fuel cell vehicle is a classification in FC Hydrogen codes and standards and fuel cell codes and standards[5] other main standards are ________ and Portable fuel cell applications.
Zinc-air batteryFuel cellFlow batteryLead-acid battery

Question 6: [4] In addition to the production losses, some of the electricity used for hydrogen production, comes from ________, which only has an efficiency of 33% to 48% resulting in emission of carbon dioxide.
Power stationThermal power stationBoiler (steam generator)Coal


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