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Fuegians: Quiz


Question 1: All Fuegian tribes had a ________ lifestyle, and lacked permanent shelters.

Question 2: [7] The ________ was an animal revered by the Yámanas, and the Taiyin-myth of the Selk'nams presents the culture hero "Taiyin" in the guise of a hummingbird.

Question 3: [9] Similar remarks apply to the myth about the big ________: it shares identical variants at both tribes.

Question 4: There are some correspondences or putative borrowings between the Yámana and Selknam ________.
Religion and mythologyMyth and ritualMythologyGreek mythology

Question 5: When Europeans, Chileans and Argentines studied and settled on the islands in the mid-19th century, they brought with them diseases such as ________ and smallpox for which the Fuegians had no immunity.
InfluenzaAIDSSevere acute respiratory syndromeMeasles

Question 6: Some proponents of this theory suggest they may be the descendants of Australian Aborigines who colonized the area prior to the arrival of ________ Amerindians.
Mongoloid raceCaucasian raceAryan raceWhite people

Question 7: In contrast to most ________ peoples, Fuegians appeared to be taller than most Europeans (this does not include the Yahgans, who were quite short with skinny limbs and fat bodies- a physical adaptation to the cold, or the Kawesqar.)
Classification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasPre-Columbian eraModels of migration to the New WorldIndigenous peoples of the Americas

Question 8: The Fuegian peoples spoke several distinct languages: both the Kawésqar language and the ________ are considered language isolates, while the Selk'nams spoke a Chon language like the Tehuelches on the mainland.
Yaghan languageQuechuaRapa Nui languageMapudungun

Question 9: In both tribes, this is an ________ explaining the formation of the water system of the archipelago.
UniverseCreation mythCreator deityGnosticism

Question 10: Fuegians are the indigenous inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of ________.
South AmericaNorth AmericaLatin AmericaAmericas


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