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Question 1: Fucose is a hexose deoxy sugar with the ________ C6H12O5.
CarbonHydrogenChemical formulaChemistry

Question 2: Aldohexose (Allose, Altrose, ________, Mannose, Gulose, Idose, Galactose, Talose)

Question 3: It is found on N-linked ________ on the mammalian, insect and plant cell surface, and is the fundamental sub-unit of the fucoidan polysaccharide.

Question 4: Alpha1→3 linked core fucose is a suspected carbohydrate antigen for IgE-mediated ________.
AllergyAnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host diseaseHypersensitivity

Question 5: However, fucose at the non-reducing termini linked α-1,2 to galactose forms the ________, the substructure of the A and B blood group antigens.
Kell antigen systemABO blood group systemDuffy antigen systemBlood type


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