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Fuckparade: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The event developed in reaction to the exclusion of ________ and commercialisation of Love Parade.
GabberHardcore technoBouncy technoBreakcore

Question 2: [1][2] The Love Parade itself, in ________, was described as Berlin's largest tourist attraction, drawing 1.5 million young people to the city.

Question 3: The "Technoviking" internet ________ features a man wearing a Thor's hammer pendant dancing at the 2000 Fuckparade.
Evolutionary psychologyEvolutionMemeticsMeme

Question 4: The ________ video was the #1 clip on Rude Tube's series-three episode Drink and Drugs.
Google VideosGoogle searchYouTubeGoogle

Question 5: The Fuckparade is an annual summer techno demonstration in ________.

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