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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Fuchsia (color) have?
Pink Steam
The Pink Jungle
Pastel pink
Fuchsia Pink

Question 2: This is the color that is labeled fuchsia in the ________.
List of Crayola crayon colorsTimeline of CrayolaChestnut (color)List of Crayola colored pencil colors

Question 3: Some of them are indicated below and color bands displaying the various shades of magenta for comparison are appended to the ________ article.
Variations of magentaRose (color)Red-violetFuchsia (color)

Question 4: (See ________.)
List of Crayola crayon colorsChestnut (color)List of Crayola colored pencil colorsTimeline of Crayola

Question 5: Fuchsia is a pinkish-purple ________ named after the flower of the fuchsia plant.
ColorGreenPrimary colorYellow

Question 6: Specifying fuchsia in ________ will yield that color.
Document Object ModelXHTMLCascading Style SheetsHTML

Question 7: In the handkerchief code of the ________ leather subculture, wearing a fuchsia bandana means one has a spanking fetish.
BisexualityHomosexualitySexual orientationGay

Question 8: In 1949, the color names of Crayola crayons were reformed and became more scientific, more of the names of the colors of the crayons being based on the names of colors in the original 1930 edition of the Dictionary of Color and the color names of the ________.
HSL and HSVCIELUV color spaceMunsell color systemLab color space

Question 9: Fuchsia is used as an alias for electric ________.
Cerise (color)Rose (color)Fuchsia (color)Magenta

Question 10: Before 1958, the color magenta was called brilliant rose in ________ crayons.
Rainbow BriteHallmark CardsHalls (department store)Crayola

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