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Question 1: House is asked to examine her through a ________.

Question 2: House became the first dramatic TV series to be the lead-out program of a Fox-aired Super Bowl since The X-Files following ________.
Super Bowl XXXIIGreen Bay PackersSuper Bowl XXXISuper Bowl I

Question 3: This is a second episode of the show to have an ________ winner as a guest star — Mira Sorvino (the first one was Informed Consent with Joel Grey).
Academy Award for Best PictureAcademy AwardAcademy Award for Best DirectorAcademy Award for Best Actor

Question 4: House's theory changes to ________, for which she would need to take prednisone.
Immune disorderHypersensitivityAutoimmune diseaseAutoimmunity

Question 5: It aired on February 3, 2008, following ________; it attracted slightly more than 29 million viewers.
2007 New England Patriots – New York Giants gameEli Manning pass to David Tyree2007 New England Patriots seasonSuper Bowl XLII

Question 6: Possible causes are struvite ________ and urinary tract infection, caused by frequent sexual intercourse.
HydronephrosisRenal tubular acidosisHematuriaKidney stone

Question 7: Kutner suggests there is fat ________.
EmbolismAir embolismFat embolismCardiovascular disease

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