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Friedrich Hölderlin: Quiz


Question 1: Robert Schumann's late piano suite Gesänge der Frühe was inspired by Hölderlin, as was ________'s string quartet Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima and parts of his opera Prometeo.
Karlheinz StockhausenLuigi NonoSerialismPierre Boulez

Question 2: ________ used Hölderlin's German translations of Sophocles in his operas Antigone and Oedipus der Tyrann.
Carl OrffCarmina Burana (Orff)Classical musicMunich

Question 3: In the 20th century, theorists of translation such as ________ have vindicated them, showing their importance as a new – and greatly influential – model of poetic translation.
MarxismTheodor W. AdornoJürgen HabermasWalter Benjamin

Question 4: Hölderlin was born in ________ in the Duchy of Württemberg.
FleinBad FriedrichshallBad WimpfenLauffen am Neckar

Question 5: After a sojourn in Stuttgart, probably working on his translations of Pindar, at the end of 1800 he found further employment as a tutor in Hauptwyl, Switzerland and then, in 1802, in ________, at the household of the Hamburg consul.
PessacBordeauxSaint-ÉmilionBarsac, Gironde

Question 6: In 1793-94 he met Schiller and ________ and began writing his epistolary novel Hyperion.
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFriedrich Daniel Ernst SchleiermacherRomanticismRichard Wagner

Question 7: During 1795 he enrolled for a while at the University of ________ where he attended Fichte's classes and met Novalis.

Question 8: The state of Hesse-Homburg was dissolved the following year after the ________.
Battle of Jena-AuerstedtBattle of FriedlandWar of the Fourth CoalitionBattle of Golymin

Question 9: A 1981-82 television drama, "Untertänigst Scardanelli" (The Loyal Scardanelli), directed by ________ in Berlin.
BodenwerderHanoverJonatan BrielFriedrich Hölderlin

Question 10: Already at this time he was diagnosed as suffering from a severe "________", a condition that would worsen after his last meeting with Susette Gontard in 1800.
Mood disorderObsessive–compulsive disorderSocial anxiety disorderHypochondriasis


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